Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Movie of the Month/LAMBcast #123: "The Shape of Things"

Every month The Large Association Movie Blogs (The LAMB) has a competition for a film to be chosen as its "Movie of the Month."  After some fierce competition and help from all my loyal readers, Grind My Reels stood triumphant with my film pick of The Shape of Things as The LAMB's Movie of the Month!  Neil LaBute's The Shape of Things stands as a personal favorite of mine, despite many of its flaws, due to its amazing ability to get a strong reaction out of its audience.  Anyone who is a close friend of mine has at one point been subjected to watching it.

As the winner for he Movie of the Month I was invited to host The LAMBcast to talk about the film.  For the uninitiated few I highly suggest that you gather a few friends together who like to talk philosophy and watch the film before listening.  For everyone else, hit the jump to listen to the show.

Thanks again for everyone's support of Grind My Reels in this competition.  Obviously, the film wasn't as beloved by my fellow LAMBcasters but hopefully the discussion has gotten the film a few more eyes.  Also thanks to those who participated in this show.  Check out their sites! (Rachel, Lindsay, Jess, and Dylan)

What do you think about The Shape of Things?  How did you react to the ending?

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