Sunday, June 17, 2012

THE FILM GRIND - Episode #9 "Prometheus"

This week on THE FILM GRIND, Brian Roan (DearFilm) and I discuss our feelings about the controversial Prometheus by director Ridley Scott as well as a number of other films we watched this week and some that we recommend for you to see.  The conversation gets heated and dives deep into the ideas presented in Prometheus.  Once again, Brian and I disagree on our opinions about the film but I think we come to a really interesting understanding and conclusion on the film, despite disagreeing.  The podcast also includes some really great links to other content for you to check out, so there is no better time to start or continue listening to THE FILM GRIND!

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THE FILM GRIND is a movie podcast where we try to break a film down to move beyond the story at hand and see how it relates to the larger narrative elements of a film as a whole.  So basically, we just want to have a great conversation about movies we love and ones not quite so fortunate.

0:00 Opening
1:56 Recently Watched Films (Brian: The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou; Dan: Workaholics)
16:16 Featured Review: Prometheus
32:22 Spoilers for Prometheus
1:16:11 Complimentary Film Suggestions (Brian: Sunshine; Dan: Moon)
1:27:46 Goodbyes and Contact Info

Click here to read my review of Prometheus.

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