Friday, June 29, 2012

THE FILM GRIND - Episode #10 "Moonrise Kingdom/Brave"

THE FILM GRIND has had a bit of a rocky schedule over the past few weeks and in order to catch up Brian (DearFilm) and myself have decided to do a double review of both Moonrise Kingdom and Brave.  The conversation has many twists, turns, drama, and extended monologues over its shortened runtime so I hope that you enjoy it.  Topics we address: Is Wall-E a date rapist?  Did Katy Perry kill God in order to find success?  How long will it be until Brian transforms into the Hulk and crushes everyone who has ever given him trouble for his Avengers review?

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0:00 Opening
2:13 Recently Watched Films (Dan: Louie Season 2, Seeking a Friend for the End of the World; Brian: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter)
25:24 Featured Review: Moonrise Kingdom
38:53 Featured Review: Brave
1:03:20 Goodbyes and Contact Info

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  1. Finding Nemo is their best work. Best film of 2003 IMO