Thursday, May 24, 2012

THE FILM GRIND - Episode #6 "The Dictator"

The week on THE FILM GRIND, Brian Roan (DearFilm) and I discuss our passionate opinions of The Dictator as well as a number of other films we watched this week and recommend for you to see.  In this episode we discuss modern comedies and what makes a film funny.  I hope you've been enjoying the show so far and if you haven't started listening and love to hear people bash relentlessly on a film then this might be the episode for you!

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THE FILM GRIND is a movie podcast where we try to break a film down to move beyond the story at hand and see how it relates to the larger narrative elements of a film as a whole.  So basically, we just want to have a great conversation about movies we love and ones not quite so fortunate.

0:00 Opening
1:20 Recently Watched Films (Dan: Barking Dogs Never Bite; Brian: The Grey)
15:36 Featured Review: The Dictator
49:37 Complimentary Film Suggestions (Dan: The Great Dictator; Brian: Being There)
1:02:23 Slightly Less Awkward Goodbyes Than Last Week and Contact Info

Article we reference: The Hangover and the Age of the Jokeless Comedy

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