Monday, May 7, 2012

THE FILM GRIND - Episode #4 "The Avengers"

This week on THE FILM GRIND Brain Roan (DearFilm) and I discuss our opinions on Marvel and Joss Whedon's The Avengers before it became the biggest opening weekend for a film of all time.  Once again we disagree on our feelings about the film and what follows is a battle between rampant fanboyism and soulless hatred spawned by a loss of childlike innocence.  I hope you've been enjoying the show if you've been listening and if not there is no better time to join in on the fun!

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THE FILM GRIND is a movie podcast where we try to break a film down to move beyond the story at hand and see how it relates to the larger narrative elements of film as a whole.  So basically, we just want to have a great conversation about movies we love and ones not quite so fortunate.

0:00 Opening
1:19 Recently Watched Films (Dan: Dogville, The Grifters; Brian: Haywire, A Few Good Men)
22:55 Featured Review: The Avengers
51:27 Spoilers for The Avengers
1:29:12 Complimentary Film Suggestions (Brian: Independence Day; Dan: Spider-man 2)
1:37:26 Goodbyes and Contact Info

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You can read my original review of The Avengers here.

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  1. Like most people who have seen this film, I don't agree with Brian Roan. I suppose if you believe that all films need romantic elements, he may be correct. You would need to like some of these previous movies to actually like this movie. The camera angles were good in that they were able to express a lot of different actions without being confusing. For what this movie was, a superhero movie with 6 action scenes and 5 different heroes from other movies, its really the best that it could be.